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Wolf Connection spends $40,000 per year on the wolf pack's veterinary care. Each wolfdog we rescue has been abused, neglected or malnourished and needs extreme medical care upon joining the pack. Our goal is to raise $25,000 to cover whatever 2015 emergencies occur, so that we never have to question whether we can cover the expenses for the right medical treatment for your wolf pack. Wolf Connection never wants to turn away a mistreated animal due to cost of care. The best way to help us with emergency care is to contribute to our Emergency Veterinary Care Fund. Please contribute to this fund – a critical part of giving the Wolf Connection pack the best lives possible!

How to Give

From now until June, you can donate here at or text 'WOLF' to 71777 to be linked to a mobile donation platform. 

Why the Wolf Connection Emergency Veterinary Care Fund?

As a wolfdog rescue organization, Wolf Connection has rescued and permanently housed 52 wolfdogs who were victims of abuse, neglect, and abandonment from across the nation. Wolf Connection’s purpose is to be a premier safe haven for Los Angeles’ abandoned wolfdog population who would otherwise be exterminated based solely on their genes. As a leader in wolfdog rescue and rehabilitation in Los Angeles County, we pride ourselves in the outstanding medical, nutritional, and behavioral care we provide our rescued wolfdogs. This attention and expertise transforms ill-behaved, maladjusted animals into majestic guides which allow us to center the discussion on the animals’ past experiences, providing the opportunity for our young participants to identify and embark on a journey of healing and growth through the eyes and experience of the wolfdog.

What is considered a medical emergency?

Wolf Connection rescues mistreated wolfdogs who would otherwise be destroyed based solely on their genes. Many of our rescues come to us needing extreme medical attention due to abuse, malnourishment, skin issues, and viruses. Wolf Connection never wants to turn down a rescue due to cost of care. Additional emergencies include injuries, bites from poisonous toads, rattlesnake bites and stomach torsion. In some cases the follow-up care is also costly.

When is the money needed by?

Throughout April and May 2015, Wolf Connection will be fundraising for our Emergency Veterinary Care Fund. Keeping a healthy fund will ensure that any emergency medical issues that arise in 2015 will be covered and reduce Wolf Connection’s calls for help. 

Where is the medical treatment taking place?

Wolf Connection has partnered with many veterinary clinics around the Acton, CA area who bring their own special expertise such as ophthalmologists, neurologists, and surgeons. Wolf Connection is blessed to have the partnership and support of one of the nation’s leading veterinary clinics, VCA Wilshire, who do a majority of the care for your wolf pack.

What are the risks if the animal is not treated?

In the event of a rattlesnake bite, care is costly and needed immediately if the wolfdog is to survive. Wolf Connection lost Moonshadow due to such a bite but was able to save Logan thanks to an emergency fundraiser.

How will the money be used if the goal is met?

The Emergency Veterinary Care Fund will be reserved for emergency medical needs only. The Emergency Veterinary Care Fund will be protected as the wolf pack depends on it for their safety.

Increase Your Impact

Becoming a recurring donor or sponsor of a wolfdog ensures that your wolf pack’s medical needs are taken care of. Email to discuss sponsorship opportunities and its benefits.